Men's Fashion Show Fall-Winter | Hermès

Hermès 2018 autumn-winter
men’s fashion show

This collection sparks and illuminates winter.
It plays with natural fabrics and technical materials, and rests on generous and wrap-around volumes.

The collection

Discover the silhouettes of the 2018 winter show.
  • Bright overtones

    Marine, royal blue, hazelnut, oxidized green, raspberry, cobalt, chartreuse, bubble gum pink… These many bright overtones punctuate and enhance all silhouettes.
  • Wrap-Around garments

    Combed mohair, compact double wool, curly sheepskin: warm materials marry generous silhouettes on wrap-around,
    double-breasted coats.
  • "Endless Road", a Recurring Motif

    A flagship design of the autumn-winter 2018 season, “Endless Road” appears in leather patchworks on the Haut à courroies bag, in cobalt and coal cashmere on turtlenecks,
    and even on a sweatshirt with zipped collar in cashmere hazelnut and suede goatskin.
  • The quilted Toilbright

    The two-tone quilted Toilbright, which first appeared in the summer 2018 collection, takes a winter turn by allying both a hooded blouson and a straight buttoned blouson.

High precision

Each piece has a hidden detail. Zoom in.
Looks photographer: Jean-François José
Backstage photographer: Edouard Caupeil