Pierres et Cristaux wash scarf 90


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Scarf in silk twill with hand rolled edges (100% silk). The Hermès scarf is reinvented as the velvety Wash scarf. Washed by our artisans’ expert hands, the scarf is transformed into a relaxed, mattified, and ever so slightly faded piece, gaining an irresistible soft touch. This exclusive process makes each scarf unique and can slightly alter its dimensions.
We recommend to dry clean your scarf or machine wash following our careful instructions. See the Care section for details on how to care for your Wash scarf.
This essential Hermès accessory complements any outfit. It can be worn many ways - around your neck, as a top, at the waist or as a headscarf!
Made in France

Designed by Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr

Dimensions: 90 x 90 cm

The story behind

Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr offers us a rich composition of minerals whose centers reveal dreamlike embryonic forms, inspired by Roger Caillois' book, The Writing of Stones. Agates, jaspers or pyrites are all fragments of the universe - forming analogies with the plant, animal and human world. The minerals take on a mysterious life of their own with infinite forms revealed at their core. At the heart of the composition Pegasus burns bright, a symbol of poetic inspiration.