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In Portugal, on the Atlantic coast, just twenty kilometers from Lisbon, lies Sintra, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage “Cultural landscape” in 1995. Near the town's historic center, the palace and park of Monserrate add their astonishing beauty. Inspired by Gothic, Indian and Moorish art and nestled in luxuriant grounds, this fantasy of stone and trees was acquired by a British textile magnate in the second half of the nineteenth century. Species brought here from the four corners of the globe thrive in the gentle climate. Organized by origin, they create a haven of unrivaled tranquility. Designer Annie Faivre was dazzled by the site’s beauty: her carré is designed to evoke the luxuriant, romantic park populated with palms, cacti, banana trees, eucalyptus, wisteria, holly, tree ferns, cork oaks and agaves.

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