Iris Ukiyoe Eau de toilette


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Bright and delicate, Iris Ukiyoe interprets the virtually unknown fragrances of the iris flower.

Volume: 100 ml

The story behind

“I collect prints and have a mental picture of irises in the ‘floating world’ (the ukiyo-éin Japanese) in the works of Hokusai or Hiroshige. They inspired me when I was composing this divertimento based on floral iris. I felt like foiling the classic approach to the iris by working on the flower’s fragrances, which are virtually unknown. Its perfume is delicate but very much there, shifting between different notes: rose, orange blossom and mandarin, all expressed by small, impressionistic touches.”
Jean-Claude Ellena
Hermessence is a collection of sober and intense olfactory poems. Nature is reinvented, to original effect. Raw materials are transcended. The collection symbolizes creative freedom, a highly individual writing style, encapsulating the essence of the signature of a great house. Each Hermessence fragrance is available with or without a leather case.