Brides de Gala Quadri Tattoo scarf 140


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Product description

Giant scarf in silk muslin (100% silk)
Made in France

Designed by Hugo Grygkar

Dimensions: 140 x 140 cm

The story behind

Brides de Gala! One of the most iconic Hermès designs. In 1957, Robert Dumas worked with Hugo Grygkar, laying two magnificent bridles on the floor, one opposite the other. It was an obvious choice: the composition was perfect, unparalleled in its simplicity. After the scarf, came the talent of the type of “hand rolling” Hermès is so fond of, precise and subtle. This scarf honors Hermès’ roots as a saddle and harness maker, our love for functional and long-lasting fine wares, and the importance of a short, snappy sounding name that brings to mind, in the words of Jean-Louis Dumas, “dazzling ceremonial dress”.